21 Jun 2018

Can you care too much about your career?

“Em won’t be next to have a baby, she cares too much about her career”.

This is what one of my friends said at her baby shower about 3 years ago when we were discussing who would be the next to start a family. To be honest I was kind of shocked by her comment! Was I being penalised by my friend for not wanting to settle down like her and for carving a career path for myself? Can you really care too much about your job?

Personally I think that there is nothing wrong with wanting to wake up every morning and be happy with the job you’re going to be doing for the next 9 hours, after all you spend the majority of your time in the workplace, so why can’t you ensure that you love it? 

Being motivated to have career that I love has enabled me to study and earn a degree in a subject I’m passionate about, meet lifelong friends, live away from home, experience London and has helped me to expand my skill set and learn new things. I know that some people aren’t lucky enough to find something they love to do straight away, but you really can do anything you set your mind to if you work for it. 

Should you apologize for wanting to wake up every morning and be excited to go to work? Nope. So just keep on doing what makes you happy. 

Em x

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