13 Dec 2015

Zoeva - Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette

My Christmas shopping is starting and I am so guilty of looking at gifts for others and then buying for myself! It's okay to treat yourself right?! I saw this Zoeva Rose Golden palette online and since I am a big fan of brown, gold and autumnal eyeshadows, it ticks all the boxes. 

zoeva rose golden palette review keeping up with kirby

23 Nov 2015

Why You Need Aliza Licht's 'Leave Your Mark'

If you work in Marketing or PR you should have heard of the infamous DKNY PR Girl aka Aliza Licht. Not only is she a wife, a mother and the SVP of Global Communications at DKNY, but a social media legend and a Twitter phenomenon. She released a book earlier this year called 'Leave Your Mark' helping young professionals kill it in their careers and rock social media, so of course, I got myself a copy. Here is a breakdown of the most important things I learnt from Leave Your Mark, how they relate to my experience and why you need it on your bookshelf.  

Aliza Licht Leave Your Mark Book Review


Makeup Revolution - Ultra Contour Kit

Contouring has been without a doubt the number one trend in makeup over the last few years and so many brands have created palettes, kits and products to make it easier for those of you who want chiseled cheek bones. The most popular has to be the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit but for anyone who hasn't got a spare £40, here is an amazing alternative!

Makeup Revolution Contour Kit Review

18 Nov 2015

Leading A Positive Life

Working in a creative industry is hard. You are subject to constant comparison to others and criticism from people who don’t know you or see things the way you do. I know first hand how hard it can be to stay motivated and passionate about work when you are constantly plagued by negative thoughts from yourself and those around you. It’s super difficult not to self critique when someone is constantly critiquing every move you make. 

Sometimes one tiny seed of negative doubt can turn into something horrible but it’s always nice to remember that a small positive thought can bloom into something much better. Here are some ways you can try to tackle negative energy throughout your daily life and become a more positive person.

Tips to lead a positive life

16 Nov 2015

MAC Burgundy Times Nine Review

Winter is coming and for me this means changing up my makeup, especially eyeshadow colours which is where I like to experiment the most. My go to colours are warm brown and burgundy tones and since I’m hitting the pan on most of my Urban Decay Naked Palettes, I thought I'd experiment with MAC. Burgundy Times Nine is the perfect addition to any makeup collection with 9 curated textures, from matte to satin to frost. Times Nine also comes in Navy, Purple and Amber but this one is my fave. 


1 Nov 2015

Simple - Sensitive Skincare

Without realising I have become a huge hoarder of Simple products. I have extremely dry skin so I need to keep it moisturised 24/7. My skin is also very sensitive so it's a no brainer that I reach for Simple as they pride themselves on having no harsh chemicals or perfumes in their products. The one thing I love about Simple is that no matter which product I'm using my face doesn't sting which can happen when using other brands. Here are my top Simple products that I recommend adding into your skincare routine. 


30 Oct 2015

How To Boss Instagram

If you are a blogger, you should have Instagram. However utilising it to it’s maximum potential can be stressful and you might not know where to start. In the world of Instagram aesthetics and first impressions matter and having a defined direction can really help boost your followers. It can take practice and patience to get started but here are my tips.


29 Oct 2015

KIKO Milano - Unlimited Stylo Lipstick Review

KIKO Milano, the Italian born makeup brand has taken Europe by storm and has opened up stores in London and my hometown Brighton, so of course I have visited a few times! When I last went into the store I just had to buy these beauties. The sleek silver design of these lipsticks instantly drew me in and after swatching pretty much every colour on my hand I decided to purchase four.

My first impression is: these lipsticks are straight up MAC dupes and for £6.90 each you can't really go wrong. 


23 Oct 2015

10 Ways To Make Time For Blogging

For most bloggers, blogging is a rewarding but time consuming hobby. We are (nearly always by night) writers, marketers, project managers, social media mavens as well as website developers, and although these are amazing skills to have, I know we ALL struggle to find the time to blog, especially with a full-time job. Since finishing my degree, I have been struggling to balance my work life, blog life and social life, but I am slowly getting there. Here are my top tips to juggle all of the above!

How to make time for blogging


16 Oct 2015

Zoeva Makeup Brushes - The Complete Brush Set

I have been relying on a few two year old Real Technique brushes and a Beauty Blender to apply my makeup and I decided I needed to step up my game! However, nothing haunts me more than the thought of spending £22 on a single eyeshadow brush. Luckily, my prayers have been answered by discovering Zoeva Cosmetics

After reading a few reviews I decided to take the plunge and order the 'Complete Brush Set'. It retails at around £90 and comes with 15 brushes in a sophisticated leather pouch. 

I've been using them for a week now and the brushes are amazing quality, plus I've yet to see any bristle fall out. There is a brush for every use from carving out the bottom of your brow, to buffing and setting concealer.  


25 Aug 2015

Payday x ASOS

This payday I decided to treat myself and have a shop on ASOS. Since I'm working full time, I'm starting to sensibly build up my wardrobe so I never look like I'm wearing the same thing twice. I've been buying key pieces that I can mix and match and dress up or down. Here are some of the bits I purchased that all work well together. Hopefully this inspires your payday shopping list too.


20 Aug 2015

Fragrance 101

I'm lucky enough to be pursing a career in the industry that I am so passionate about - Marketing & PR in Cosmetics and Fragrance. From a young age I have always loved perfume and I am fascinated how certain smells can remind you of certain memories or people (for better or for worse)... I want to give you a little insight into my world...


12 Aug 2015

Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics = Champagne Pop

I know it's been done, but I just need to take a moment to talk about Champagne Pop. I'll be honest, I have never been that obsessed with highlighting, I contoured sure, but never 'strobed'. However, when I saw one of my favourites (Jaclyn Hill) was bringing out a new highlighter and literally EVERY blogger and YouTube star was talking about, it I went and ordered 3 from Sephora. I literally haven't looked back since.Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Sephora


11 Aug 2015

Angel Food Bakery - Cake Decor Class

At the weekend I went to the lovely Angel Food Bakery, which is nestled in the heart of The Lanes in Brighton, to have a class in 'Cupcake Decor'. After this experience I decided I need to have a cupcake kitchen in my house... 

We were taught how to make decorations with 'Mexican Paste' and I made a few small rose and heart shapes (pink obviously) to put on my cakes later. We also walked through a couple of icing techniques with piping bags, which was my favourite part. We were then left free creative reign for our own 12 cupcakes and got sprinkles, chocolate, sweets and everything else you can imagine for decorations. Here are mine...


10 Aug 2015

Tweezerman Brush iQ

I was introduced to these brushes a couple of weeks ago and to be honest I was sceptical about the whole 'intelligent' tool aspect, how can a brush be clever? Well it can!

These brushes expertly pick up your favourite foundation, creams, eye shadows and powders using their Natrafil Filaments. Meaning the product goes further and lasts longer. They are also super soft and can be cleaned easily with a face wipe - yes a face wipe! 

The shape of these brushes are so unique and can be used in a number of different ways - here are a couple of my favourites from the 12 piece collection.


Use these brushes to apply your foundation/base and they will give you a flawless and I mean FLAWLESS complexion. 
Pointed Foundation Brush         Foundation Brush           Flat Top Foundation Brush
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