20 Mar 2018

Easy Kinder Bueno Cupcake Recipe

Lately I’ve started to revisit my love for baking and I have to say, I am LOVING it. Back in the day I actually used to subscribe to a Disney Baking Magazine (LOL), so it’s safe to say I have my fair share of moulds, cutters and baking tools that I need to put to use. To kick things off, here's a quick and tasty Kinder Bueno inspired cupcake recipe...

Kinder Bueno Cupcake Recipe


16 Mar 2018

Are Magnetic Lashes Actually Worth The Hype?

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last couple of months, you should have heard about Magnetic Lashes. The latest beauty craze to hit YouTube is attracting (lol) a lot of interest among online communities so of course I’ve given them a go. The first brand to launch these in the UK were Lash FX, an eyelash brand that’s famous for their eyelash extensions, lash technician training and now their magnetic lashes. Branching out from the professional market and conquering the retail world seems to be working a treat with these lashes going GLOBAL, even across to the sunny shores of Dubai. 

Magnetic Lashes

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