25 Aug 2015

Payday x ASOS

This payday I decided to treat myself and have a shop on ASOS. Since I'm working full time, I'm starting to sensibly build up my wardrobe so I never look like I'm wearing the same thing twice. I've been buying key pieces that I can mix and match and dress up or down. Here are some of the bits I purchased that all work well together. Hopefully this inspires your payday shopping list too.


20 Aug 2015

Fragrance 101

I'm lucky enough to be pursing a career in the industry that I am so passionate about - Marketing & PR in Cosmetics and Fragrance. From a young age I have always loved perfume and I am fascinated how certain smells can remind you of certain memories or people (for better or for worse)... I want to give you a little insight into my world...


12 Aug 2015

Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics = Champagne Pop

I know it's been done, but I just need to take a moment to talk about Champagne Pop. I'll be honest, I have never been that obsessed with highlighting, I contoured sure, but never 'strobed'. However, when I saw one of my favourites (Jaclyn Hill) was bringing out a new highlighter and literally EVERY blogger and YouTube star was talking about, it I went and ordered 3 from Sephora. I literally haven't looked back since.Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Sephora


11 Aug 2015

Angel Food Bakery - Cake Decor Class

At the weekend I went to the lovely Angel Food Bakery, which is nestled in the heart of The Lanes in Brighton, to have a class in 'Cupcake Decor'. After this experience I decided I need to have a cupcake kitchen in my house... 

We were taught how to make decorations with 'Mexican Paste' and I made a few small rose and heart shapes (pink obviously) to put on my cakes later. We also walked through a couple of icing techniques with piping bags, which was my favourite part. We were then left free creative reign for our own 12 cupcakes and got sprinkles, chocolate, sweets and everything else you can imagine for decorations. Here are mine...


10 Aug 2015

Tweezerman Brush iQ

I was introduced to these brushes a couple of weeks ago and to be honest I was sceptical about the whole 'intelligent' tool aspect, how can a brush be clever? Well it can!

These brushes expertly pick up your favourite foundation, creams, eye shadows and powders using their Natrafil Filaments. Meaning the product goes further and lasts longer. They are also super soft and can be cleaned easily with a face wipe - yes a face wipe! 

The shape of these brushes are so unique and can be used in a number of different ways - here are a couple of my favourites from the 12 piece collection.


Use these brushes to apply your foundation/base and they will give you a flawless and I mean FLAWLESS complexion. 
Pointed Foundation Brush         Foundation Brush           Flat Top Foundation Brush
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