11 Aug 2015

Angel Food Bakery - Cake Decor Class

At the weekend I went to the lovely Angel Food Bakery, which is nestled in the heart of The Lanes in Brighton, to have a class in 'Cupcake Decor'. After this experience I decided I need to have a cupcake kitchen in my house... 

We were taught how to make decorations with 'Mexican Paste' and I made a few small rose and heart shapes (pink obviously) to put on my cakes later. We also walked through a couple of icing techniques with piping bags, which was my favourite part. We were then left free creative reign for our own 12 cupcakes and got sprinkles, chocolate, sweets and everything else you can imagine for decorations. Here are mine...

I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for something fun/different to do around Brighton. Check out the website here, they have so many lovely cakes and classes available which are perfect for gifts. 


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