12 Aug 2015

Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics = Champagne Pop

I know it's been done, but I just need to take a moment to talk about Champagne Pop. I'll be honest, I have never been that obsessed with highlighting, I contoured sure, but never 'strobed'. However, when I saw one of my favourites (Jaclyn Hill) was bringing out a new highlighter and literally EVERY blogger and YouTube star was talking about, it I went and ordered 3 from Sephora. I literally haven't looked back since.Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Sephora

I have worn it every single day. It goes with any makeup look I create whether that be 'no makeup' makeup or a deep smoky eye. Here are a couple of looks I created with it... 

Makeup artist champagne pop

My favourite place to wear this highlighter is of course my cheekbones, but the arch of my eyebrow and also the tip of my nose. 

makeup artist champagne pop highlighter

If you don't have this highlighter, GO AND BUY IT, before it's too late! If you are in the UK and think you can't get your hands on it, get it from Sephora here :)

Love from, 



  1. This looks so beautiful. I love your eye makeup here, it looks really pretty :) x

    Jordan Alice

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