12 Mar 2019

Young LDN

There is no doubt that looking after your skin starts from within - not drinking water, eating junk food and not getting enough sleep can all alter your appearance. However, it's also important to nurture it from the outside too by rewarding it mostly with skincare that boosts hydration and removes dead skin cells - so enter Young LDN. Young LDN is a luxury skincare destination and their manifesto is to champion the youth of today and this is certainly reflected in their studio which is nestled in the heart of Notting Hill. Its unique Lab or Lounge vibe offers everything from specific skincare treatments (in the downstairs Lab) to manicures and makeup services (upstairs in the Lounge).

Notting Hill Skincare Salon Lab


26 Nov 2018

Why are we trying to rush our lives?

Its nearly the end of 2018 and I feel like now it’s one of two things: 

1. Have a manic rush to complete the goals and aspirations you set yourself for 2018 and try to make yourself feel like you’ve actually accomplished something in life.

2. Completely lol at 2018, eat your weight in cake and pretend that 2019 is going to be ‘your year’.


28 Oct 2018

What does it actually mean to be a Social Media Influencer?


[in-floo-uh n-ser]

‘An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience.’

27 Sept 2018

My favourite Palmers body care products right now

Skin care and body care is something that I always try to keep up. During the summer, I’m always applying body creams and oils and exfoliating (to keep that tan up) but in the winter sometimes I can get lazy… I mean hello, your whole body is covered so why bother keeping the pins looking silky smooth…  #hibernationmode.


24 Sept 2018

My thoughts on catcalling and street harassment. Is chivalry dead?

Catcalling. I feel like this is a topic that is just not talked about enough, especially when women are dealing with it on a daily basis. Picture this - it’s 8.30am and you’re walking along the road to work (probably scrolling through Instagram), obviously there is loads of rush hour standstill traffic but there is also loads of men rolling down their windows and leering at you, shouting things like: 

Why I hate catcalling - Street Harassment needs to end

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