26 Nov 2018

Why are we trying to rush our lives?

Its nearly the end of 2018 and I feel like now it’s one of two things: 

1. Have a manic rush to complete the goals and aspirations you set yourself for 2018 and try to make yourself feel like you’ve actually accomplished something in life.

2. Completely lol at 2018, eat your weight in cake and pretend that 2019 is going to be ‘your year’.

To be honest, I am both of the above (which is why I don’t really believe in specific New Year Resolutions). I never stick to them, and I always feel like I’ve let myself down by week 2. I think this somewhat comes down to the pressure that we all seem to put on ourselves to do more, be more successful and complete more, instead of living in the moment.

The reality is, that sometimes I can’t help but feel behind with my life even though realistically I’ve achieved a lot. I’m not a homeowner, I’m not engaged and I’m nowhere near planning a family like some of my friends. But then I have to remember our paths are completely different and in some respects I’m just starting out. I guess all of these life choices alter our future, but I do believe that your life is moving at the exact speed it’s supposed to.

Saying this it's a shame that our generation is so stuck on the NEXT milestone and I think the pressures of social media and keeping up appearances have a huge impact on this. Got yourself a flat? Ok cool so in 4 years that needs to be a house with a garden. Cute boyfriend? Yay, so when’s the wedding? We need to relish in our recent achievements and milestones and actually enjoy them. If we sit back and actually reflect on how far we’ve come more often we’d all be super proud of ourselves.

From a young age, the NEXT step is constantly pushed upon us. At school we have examination milestones. We have to choose where we want to take our lives at the age of 17 before we’ve even completed our exams or even lived our lives. Primary school teachers ask us what we want to be when we grow up, random GCSE’s become A Level choices and before you’ve even stepped foot through the college door they are asking you what you want to do at university and where you see yourself in 5 years. I don’t know Susan, living at home alone with 3 cats??

Moral of this story is that we need to enjoy everyday and everything we are doing RIGHT now. Working so hard to achieve your goals is pointless if you can't enjoy them :)  


Em x 

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