30 Oct 2015

How To Boss Instagram

If you are a blogger, you should have Instagram. However utilising it to it’s maximum potential can be stressful and you might not know where to start. In the world of Instagram aesthetics and first impressions matter and having a defined direction can really help boost your followers. It can take practice and patience to get started but here are my tips.


29 Oct 2015

KIKO Milano - Unlimited Stylo Lipstick Review

KIKO Milano, the Italian born makeup brand has taken Europe by storm and has opened up stores in London and my hometown Brighton, so of course I have visited a few times! When I last went into the store I just had to buy these beauties. The sleek silver design of these lipsticks instantly drew me in and after swatching pretty much every colour on my hand I decided to purchase four.

My first impression is: these lipsticks are straight up MAC dupes and for £6.90 each you can't really go wrong. 


23 Oct 2015

10 Ways To Make Time For Blogging

For most bloggers, blogging is a rewarding but time consuming hobby. We are (nearly always by night) writers, marketers, project managers, social media mavens as well as website developers, and although these are amazing skills to have, I know we ALL struggle to find the time to blog, especially with a full-time job. Since finishing my degree, I have been struggling to balance my work life, blog life and social life, but I am slowly getting there. Here are my top tips to juggle all of the above!

How to make time for blogging


16 Oct 2015

Zoeva Makeup Brushes - The Complete Brush Set

I have been relying on a few two year old Real Technique brushes and a Beauty Blender to apply my makeup and I decided I needed to step up my game! However, nothing haunts me more than the thought of spending £22 on a single eyeshadow brush. Luckily, my prayers have been answered by discovering Zoeva Cosmetics

After reading a few reviews I decided to take the plunge and order the 'Complete Brush Set'. It retails at around £90 and comes with 15 brushes in a sophisticated leather pouch. 

I've been using them for a week now and the brushes are amazing quality, plus I've yet to see any bristle fall out. There is a brush for every use from carving out the bottom of your brow, to buffing and setting concealer.  

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