23 Nov 2015

Why You Need Aliza Licht's 'Leave Your Mark'

If you work in Marketing or PR you should have heard of the infamous DKNY PR Girl aka Aliza Licht. Not only is she a wife, a mother and the SVP of Global Communications at DKNY, but a social media legend and a Twitter phenomenon. She released a book earlier this year called 'Leave Your Mark' helping young professionals kill it in their careers and rock social media, so of course, I got myself a copy. Here is a breakdown of the most important things I learnt from Leave Your Mark, how they relate to my experience and why you need it on your bookshelf.  

Aliza Licht Leave Your Mark Book Review


Makeup Revolution - Ultra Contour Kit

Contouring has been without a doubt the number one trend in makeup over the last few years and so many brands have created palettes, kits and products to make it easier for those of you who want chiseled cheek bones. The most popular has to be the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit but for anyone who hasn't got a spare £40, here is an amazing alternative!

Makeup Revolution Contour Kit Review

18 Nov 2015

Leading A Positive Life

Working in a creative industry is hard. You are subject to constant comparison to others and criticism from people who don’t know you or see things the way you do. I know first hand how hard it can be to stay motivated and passionate about work when you are constantly plagued by negative thoughts from yourself and those around you. It’s super difficult not to self critique when someone is constantly critiquing every move you make. 

Sometimes one tiny seed of negative doubt can turn into something horrible but it’s always nice to remember that a small positive thought can bloom into something much better. Here are some ways you can try to tackle negative energy throughout your daily life and become a more positive person.

Tips to lead a positive life

16 Nov 2015

MAC Burgundy Times Nine Review

Winter is coming and for me this means changing up my makeup, especially eyeshadow colours which is where I like to experiment the most. My go to colours are warm brown and burgundy tones and since I’m hitting the pan on most of my Urban Decay Naked Palettes, I thought I'd experiment with MAC. Burgundy Times Nine is the perfect addition to any makeup collection with 9 curated textures, from matte to satin to frost. Times Nine also comes in Navy, Purple and Amber but this one is my fave. 


1 Nov 2015

Simple - Sensitive Skincare

Without realising I have become a huge hoarder of Simple products. I have extremely dry skin so I need to keep it moisturised 24/7. My skin is also very sensitive so it's a no brainer that I reach for Simple as they pride themselves on having no harsh chemicals or perfumes in their products. The one thing I love about Simple is that no matter which product I'm using my face doesn't sting which can happen when using other brands. Here are my top Simple products that I recommend adding into your skincare routine. 

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