27 Sept 2018

My favourite Palmers body care products right now

Skin care and body care is something that I always try to keep up. During the summer, I’m always applying body creams and oils and exfoliating (to keep that tan up) but in the winter sometimes I can get lazy… I mean hello, your whole body is covered so why bother keeping the pins looking silky smooth…  #hibernationmode.


24 Sept 2018

My thoughts on catcalling and street harassment. Is chivalry dead?

Catcalling. I feel like this is a topic that is just not talked about enough, especially when women are dealing with it on a daily basis. Picture this - it’s 8.30am and you’re walking along the road to work (probably scrolling through Instagram), obviously there is loads of rush hour standstill traffic but there is also loads of men rolling down their windows and leering at you, shouting things like: 

Why I hate catcalling - Street Harassment needs to end


21 Sept 2018

How I actually created the career path that I love

Facebook timehop is the devil because this week I realised that I started University SEVEN years ago. SEVEN, and gosh I have come a long way since then, both personally and professionally. I get asked all the time about how I got into the Social Media/Marketing industry... What did I study? Why do I have a blog? Why does your job look so fun? All of these questions I have the answer to so I thought I’d do a post about what it actually takes to do what I do. For some reason people think that the fashion and beauty industries are impossible to get into, yes they are extremely competitive (and it's about who you know) but if you want it and you’re willing to work for it you’ll get it - it’s certainly not all smooth sailing though.


18 Sept 2018

#ItsFaceTime with Sanctuary Spa

Skincare has always been a huge player within the beauty industry with brands convincing us that they can make us look 10 years younger, erase wrinkles and essentially change our faces with a miracle cream. More recently, well known beauty brands are creating skincare lines to compliment their already strong colour cosmetic offering, which certainly means the market is becoming over saturated. With many consumers already stuck in their habitual skincare routines, how can brands convert them and convince them to try something new? 

Sanctuary Spa It's Face Time

17 Sept 2018

Why you should never stop growing as a person (and stop comparing your life)

Recently I’ve been thinking about my long term life goals, maybe because I’m 26 in a few months and I’ll officially be more than halfway to 50 (fml). What do I actually want from life? Is what I’m doing enough? Am I settling? All of these questions I’m starting to ask myself. Generally, I’m quite an upbeat and happy person with drive and passion towards any goal that I have - I’m in a job I love, I have amazing friends and family and I do love life, but recently I feel like my goals have slipped and I’m not pushing myself anymore because I’m ‘comfortable’ coasting along with everything.


14 Sept 2018

Revlon - Photo Ready Insta-filter Foundation Review

Whether it be full vs light coverage or dewy vs matte, foundation is simply a staple in any makeup look. When it comes to mine, I’m quite set it my ways with what I use because I have very dry skin which doesn’t sit well with most foundations. However, Revlon were kind enough to send me across their new Insta-Filter foundation to try so here are my thoughts. 

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