12 Mar 2019

Young LDN

There is no doubt that looking after your skin starts from within - not drinking water, eating junk food and not getting enough sleep can all alter your appearance. However, it's also important to nurture it from the outside too by rewarding it mostly with skincare that boosts hydration and removes dead skin cells - so enter Young LDN. Young LDN is a luxury skincare destination and their manifesto is to champion the youth of today and this is certainly reflected in their studio which is nestled in the heart of Notting Hill. Its unique Lab or Lounge vibe offers everything from specific skincare treatments (in the downstairs Lab) to manicures and makeup services (upstairs in the Lounge).

Notting Hill Skincare Salon Lab

During my time visiting Young LDN I was lucky enough to be treated* to a few of their Breath of Fresh Air Oxygen RX Facials. This treatment oxygenates the skin, bringing blood flow and vital nutrients to the surface which leaves you with clear and luminous skin with a feeling of firmness. Here’s how mine went down...

First you’ll start with a skin cleanse so that your skin is clear of any makeup and ready to be treated. They used a honey based cleanser which smelt as delicious as it felt.

Next we used a Cocoa Enzyme which helps to rebalance and exfoliate the skin by eating away at dead skin cells - but with zero downtime, so no flaky or peeling skin on the tube home! To let the Enzymes work their magic, my face was covered in warm towels and I was treated to a pressure point face and neck massage for about 15 mins. Heaven.

Once the Enzymes were washed off with a warm cloth it was time for the Oxygen to be whipped up (literally) and applied. It had a lovely warm, tingly sensation and this was massaged in with a nifty tool which helped stimulate the skin further. After a final cleanse, this treatment was then finished off with the addition of an LED light (Yellow & Near Infrared) which aids even more rejuvenation (and was like a mini holiday). The whole treatment lasted about 1 hour and I left the Lab feeling refreshed from the inside out.

Notting Hill Skincare Salon Lab

I would certainly recommend a visit to Young LDN if you’re ever around Notting Hill. They are all highly experienced skin care specialists and really know what they’re talking about to make you feel at ease during your whole treatment. Not only do I have congestion free glowing skin, I feel like I’ve learnt a thing or two about skin care during my treatments - which is super important as more people need to be educated at the importance of looking after the skin they’re in!

*This was a gifted collaboration with the brand.


Em x

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