24 May 2018

Antipodes - Skincare Spotlight

Many of you know that new skincare is something that I am quite hesitant about trying. I have really sensitive skin so sometimes it can really flare up with eczema if I try something that doesn’t agree with me. That being said, I’m always willing to give new products a go as I think it’s important to revamp your skincare routine from time to time so that your skin doesn’t get complacent. (That could be a total skincare myth, but that’s what I like to do so, yolo.)

Enter Antipodes… They are historically known for their natural based skincare and only use ‘ingredients formulated directly from nature, and carefully selects bio active extracts from sustainably cultivated native plants, thus creating products that boast anti-ageing properties and are clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin.’ This makes them a certified organic skincare brand that we can actually trust. Lovely. So here’s a little more info on a few of their newest products that I’ve been trying out. 

I’ll admit that I’ve never really been one for washing my face. I actually used to think that washing my face would dry it out further so I’ve always been a quick face wipe kinda gal (bad behavior I know). Since trying this out for a few weeks now my opinions have completely change. This cleanser is actually perfect for dry skin as it includes ingredients such as cacao butter and vinanza grape antioxidants which all work to hydrate and soften the skin. All you do is gently massage in a circular motion into face, neck and decolletage in the evenings and rinse off using warm water. It also had a handy little scoop so there’s no product stuck under my nails. 

Avocados are probably the biggest Instagram trend in the blogging industry of late. So naturally this cream already sounded like a dream before I’d even put it on my face! The dream is actually a reality though as this cream contains numerous friendly ingredients that will deeply nourish your skin overnight. Everyone should know that skin goes into recovery mode whilst you sleep, so these ingredients are super important to get right and the main hero ingredient is avocado oil. This improves the stimulation of collagen in skin cells by up to 92% in this particular formula and is actually scientifically proven, so you know you are paying for a product that really works. Use in the evenings (after your Butter Cleanser) to wake up with soft and rejuvenated skin! 

Finally, the mud mask of all mud masks. This special product aids the brightening and lightening of the skin which is perfect for me as I suffer with some pigmentation especially when I’ve been in the sun - I’ll definitely be taking this to Bali with me in a couple of weeks!

So that’s that my lovelies, these 3 products have truly become staples in my skincare routine and are certainly helping me on quest for hydrated skin. Let me know if you decide to give them a go!


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