16 Mar 2018

Are Magnetic Lashes Actually Worth The Hype?

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last couple of months, you should have heard about Magnetic Lashes. The latest beauty craze to hit YouTube is attracting (lol) a lot of interest among online communities so of course I’ve given them a go. The first brand to launch these in the UK were Lash FX, an eyelash brand that’s famous for their eyelash extensions, lash technician training and now their magnetic lashes. Branching out from the professional market and conquering the retail world seems to be working a treat with these lashes going GLOBAL, even across to the sunny shores of Dubai. 

Magnetic Lashes

I have to admit, I am actually a huge fan of wearing false eyelashes - but the sticky messy glue really gets on my nerves as I have quite sensitive eyes, so finding lashes that can be applied without the glue is truly a Godsend! To be honest, the easiest way to apply these is simply.... practice. You apply the top lash (without the red dot) and position/balance it on top of your natural lashes - I find having a coat of mascara helps the false lash to sit better. Then you take the bottom lash (with the red dot) and simply connect it underneath so your natural lashes are sandwiched together. 

Sound a bit tricky? They have 'How To' video here.

Lash FX Magnetic Lashes

These beauties come in 4 different styles ranging from ‘Naturally Stylish’ to ‘Full and Fluffy’ and each style is inspired and named after a model - Rosie, Bella, Gigi and Megan. 

How To Apply Magnetic Lashes

P.S. I have the pleasure of actually working for Lash FX (this is not a biased blog post I promise) and they’re actually looking for social media ambassadors to join their Lash Squad! Which means exclusive discounts, the trial of new products before anyone else and the chance to be part of a like-minded community!


Lash FX Lash Squad

To apply:

1. Take a selfie (the sassier/more fun the better)

2. Send it across to hello@lash-fx.com

3. Link to your relevant social profiles

4. Tell them why you want to join!




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