30 Jul 2018

When does planning your Instagram feed become too much?

Instagram feeds can probably be one of the most frustrating things to seem to get ‘right’ – but what is actually right? Does every photo have to have the same filter, does a feed have to be visually ‘pleasing’ and what even is an aesthetic?

The beauty of social media is that everyone’s pages are unique, there really is no right and wrong answer to social even though there seems to be one. In all honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with how my Instagram page looks and this frustrates me - I have no reason to be unhappy with how my feed looks because I’m simply posting what I love and being myself. If someone lands on my profile and loves my content, then great! If they don’t, then great too… cya! 

One thing I will say about social media is that your pages should be YOU! If you find yourself forcing content, constantly changing your ‘vibe’ and always wondering what to post - then you’re doing it wrong. I see time and time again people updating their bios, changing their business page category and it’s just not very authentic. You don’t have to portray yourself in a certain way in order to fit in or have a successful Instagram page (or life). Constantly worrying about the amount of followers you have, how many people like your photos and how pretty your feed looks is honestly not worth your time. I know that bloggers and influencers alike are frustrated with ‘algorithms’ and I get it because this can hinder opportunities when working with brands. I hope that brands will start to look beyond the numbers soon, and actually start to understand what's valuable in terms of content creation and what realistically adds value to their brand. 

Saying all of this, I do have an aesthetic on my profile, but not a solid theme which can be somewhat restricting. The reason I have this is because I want my Instagram and blog to correlate a little bit, meaning if someone lands on my Instagram and clicks onto my website it all kind of works together - but again, that’s just because both of these platforms are reflecting ‘me’ and I’m not trying to make them something they’re not through meticulously planned or forced images, it's just genuinely what I love. I'm not sitting here saying that no thought at all should go into an Instagram page, because let's be honest we all like to think of a fun captions and experiment with photography (well, most bloggers do anyway). It's where we draw the line that matters, when does it become too much and subconsciously take over our lives?

I came across this quote last week and it’s definitely given me a new view on what social media means to me and sums up how I'm feeling at the moment. 

Inspirational Quote

This quote really hit home, because in the past I’ve been guilty of wanting to portray my life to be more interesting than it actually is due to these pressures. Taking a step back is so important. Just because your relationship isn’t plastered across social media, doesn’t mean you’re not happy, likewise someone who looks to be living a dream life may be depressed. Understanding this and taking the ‘pressure’ off planning your social media feeds will literally take a weight off your shoulders. It has mine. It's time to actually enjoy social media again! 


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