3 Apr 2018

Morphe Brushes 18 Piece Sable Brush Set

Everyone needs makeup brushes to do their makeup, fact. I used to know someone who barely used any makeup brushes for their makeup and I was simply horrified every time she’d whip out her foundation and rub it around her face with her fingers... (soz hun, but fingers are reserved for serums and moisturisers only).

Anyway, I’m someone who probably has way too many makeup brushes but there is simply nothing better than getting a fresh set to start painting your face with. Plus, we’re in Spring now so it’s worth giving that makeup bag a good old Spring clean (any excuse).

Whilst having my weekly browse on Beauty Bay (shock), I came across the Morphe Brushes 18 Piece Sable Brush Set. Having always been a fan of the Morphe eyeshadow palettes, I naturally thought I’d need some of their brushes to match.

With 18 different brushes designed specifically for certain areas of the face, you have every brush to cover all makeup bases. It also comes in a convenient brush wrap, making it travel-friendly and also makes brush storage easy, especially when you have hundreds of them like me. So, for amazing fluffy brushes at £39.99 for 18, you really can’t go wrong with this set.

Head to www.beautybay.com to shop this set and much more.

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