16 Oct 2015

Zoeva Makeup Brushes - The Complete Brush Set

I have been relying on a few two year old Real Technique brushes and a Beauty Blender to apply my makeup and I decided I needed to step up my game! However, nothing haunts me more than the thought of spending £22 on a single eyeshadow brush. Luckily, my prayers have been answered by discovering Zoeva Cosmetics

After reading a few reviews I decided to take the plunge and order the 'Complete Brush Set'. It retails at around £90 and comes with 15 brushes in a sophisticated leather pouch. 

I've been using them for a week now and the brushes are amazing quality, plus I've yet to see any bristle fall out. There is a brush for every use from carving out the bottom of your brow, to buffing and setting concealer.  


I've been having trouble achieving a 'flawless face' all day long and this set has 5 main brushes to help me out. 

104 | BUFFER - this brush is flat, dense and buffs cream and liquid foundations like a dream

106 | POWDER - sets makeup all day long without a cake finish

102 | SILK FINISH - applies liquid foundation with a literal silk finish

128 | CREAM CHEEK - the angle of this brush makes it so easy to blend in a contour

110 | FACE SHAPE - just the right size to expertly apply contour shades for chiselled cheek bones 


After being obsessed with learning how to blend properly and create cut creases (thanks Desi Perkins) I now have all the right tools! From fluffy to flat, I can create any eyeshadow look with precision and I am so excited to experiment. 

I now feel like a real 'artist' and I can't wait to start painting my face properly! I totally recommend getting this 'Complete Brush Set' if you are starting to build up a makeup brush collection and aren't sure where to start. For £5.60 per brush - you can't really go wrong. 

You can buy the set from BeautyBay.com here.

I am super excited to expand my brush collection even more and will 100% be looking at other Zoeva Cosmetics brush ranges in the future. 



  1. This is a great deal, definitely something I'll be buying! x



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