29 Oct 2015

KIKO Milano - Unlimited Stylo Lipstick Review

KIKO Milano, the Italian born makeup brand has taken Europe by storm and has opened up stores in London and my hometown Brighton, so of course I have visited a few times! When I last went into the store I just had to buy these beauties. The sleek silver design of these lipsticks instantly drew me in and after swatching pretty much every colour on my hand I decided to purchase four.

My first impression is: these lipsticks are straight up MAC dupes and for £6.90 each you can't really go wrong. 

The four colours I purchased were 01, 02, 13 and 14, they don't have specific names unless you are shopping online. There are ten more I NEED to collect, ranging from deep reds to fuchsia purples. 

The swatches above are after just one stroke, so you can see how creamy and pigmented the lipstick is. They have a light vanilla smell just like MAC and are great to use with a lip brush for creating a fuller pout. 

They claim to last for 8 hours and I would say they do, but if you are eating and drinking you would probably need to apply another coat. However, the transfer is minimal and I saw hardly any lipstick marks on glasses etc. 

I would highly recommend investing in at least one of these lipsticks for your makeup collection, they're perfect for long days where you need your lips to last (which is everyday) 

You can purchase all of these lipsticks here.

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